About Us

The primary goals of Schulze and Pederson are to provide sound legal advice and advocate viable claims.  We take great efforts to investigate matters and obtain evidence.  Our attorneys and staff make sure each client understands the applicable law and how it affects the matter at hand.  With such knowledge, each of our clients is able to intelligently address his/her particular legal issue and make decisions based upon relevant criteria.

Each client is important to us, and we make sure we are available at extended hours.  If a potential client wishes to discuss a matter, there is no charge for the initial interview to determine whether there is a lawful claim.  For many of the cases accepted by Schulze and Pederson, there is no charge unless a monetary recovery is obtained.  For other matters, an hourly or set fee will be determined.  In all matters, a written retainer agreement is prepared so that each client fully understands the nature of the representation.

Ethics in the law is the foundation of this firm.  Rapport with our clients is important and communication is foremost.  We will always be forthright with you.  We have staff fluent in Spanish and we can have access to an interpreter to assist in other languages, as the need arises.

Our commitment is to exceptional public service.  The law firm was originally founded in 1971 and has enjoyed an excellent reputation in the District of Columbia metropolitan area.  The founding partner’s commitment to our clients has been carried on by a number of individuals over the years.  This has resulted in clients who repeatedly return to our offices with their matters, and in turn refer others.  We look forward to meeting new clients as well as seeing prior clients return.