Barbara Seagle Pederson

202-364-1111 ext. 32

Barbara's duties and skills are varied, which include all financial, structural and management matters in the firm.  She is the officer in charge of all staffing.  Barbara's studies included business, the arts, history and theology, and her career has been mainly in the judicial field.  She worked for the Honorable W. Byron Sorrell and later the Honorable James A. Belson, both then with the Superior Court of the District of Columbia.  She served as Professional Aide to the Honorable Warren E. Burger, Chief Justice of the United States, assuming that position in 1980.  After the retirement of Chief Justice Burger, she became the Professional Aide to the Honorable William H. Rehnquist, Chief Justice of the United States.  She is an artist, a writer and a poet, and over the years has been asked to write for different groups and functions in this country and internationally.   She is occasionally called upon to speak before civic groups.  As a North Carolina poet, her poetry is engraved into the brick sidewalk of the Thomas Wolfe House/Museum in Asheville, North Carolina.  Her poetry is also listed on the website of The Lincoln Cottage in D.C. Barbara is active in the community and is a member of the Washington Women'sDiplomatic Series; Women in Foreign Policy; the Macon County Historical Society, Franklin, North Carolina; and the Friends of Mont Vernon.  She is a vice president of the Connecticut Avenue Condominium Association.  Barbara came to the firm in 2009.  Her background and experience along with her writing skills make her a valuable asset to the firm.